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    also known for their scenic splendours.Crisscrossing riv▓ers endow the Zhuang area with plentiful so▓urces of water for irrigation, navigation and hydropower. The coastline in sout▓h Guangxi not only has important ports bu▓t also yields many valuable marine products including the best pearls in China.The Zhuang area enjoys a mild climat

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    e with an average annual temp▓erature of 20 degrees centigrade, being ▓warm in winter and sweltering in summer in th▓e south. Plants are always green, blossoming in all seasons. Abundant rainfall nurtures tropic▓al and subtropical crops such as rice, yam, corn, sugar cane, banana, longan, litchi, pineapple, shaddock and mango. The mount

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    ains in southwest and northwest Guangxi abound in Liuzhou fir, silver fir and c▓amphor trees, rare elsewhere. Mineral resources include i▓ron, coal, wolfram, gold, copper, tin, manganese, aluminum▓, stibium, zinc and petroleum. The area is also rich in tung oil, tea, tea oil, mushroom, C▓hinese cinnamon, pseudo-ginseng, Chines▓e gecko (u

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